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Mastropasqua B&B

The B&B Mastropasqua is located in a splendid late 18th century building with an internal courtyard. The building, a stone's throw from the seafront, was built there where previously there was an old inn that welcomed simple travelers and some of the most important intellectuals of the time.

All the rooms in the B&B tell the story of the Travel, of the great artists and intellectuals who left evidence of their passage through Naples.


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Sei a Napoli per lavoro? Scopri il nostro pacchetto business, una soluzione studiata appositamente per che si trova a Napoli per motivi lavorativi.

Servizi Inclusi:
- Camera
- Pranzo o Cena
- Prima Colazione
- Parcheggio

80€ a notte Mezza Pensione

No matter what is said, told, or painted, Naples surpasses everything:
. the shore, the bay, the gulf, Vesuvius, the city, the nearby countryside, the castles, the walks... I apologize to all those to whom the sight of Naples makes them lose their senses!

(Johann Wolfgang Goethe)


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Our B & B continues today that concept of hospitality that has always distinguished the Neapolitans, eternally grateful to all those who passed through here wanted to tell the charm and uniqueness, reading the beauty where a superficial eye can not get.

For those of us who love to travel, through the encounter of different people and cultures, even hosting becomes a way to travel the world while staying in Naples. Our guests also become our eyes giving us the magic of the wonder of those who see our beautiful city for the first time.

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